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What is the best time to kick off digital event promotion?
16 Mar

What is the best time to kick off digital event promotion?

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Organizing and planning the logistics of an even is a quite a daunting task. Attracting the necessary attention and creating the buzz takes requires meticulous strategy and timing  – the event marketing timeline is extremely critical. Depending on the kind of event, right promotion kick off should be anywhere between 60-180 days before the event. For few industrial events or expos, it may go into an year also.

How to promote an event successfully?

In order to promote an event successfully, you need to be very clear about your event marketing timeline which also depends on the kind of event. Movies for example start their promotions through trailers several months in advance. If it is an annual or a recurring event, the best time to promote it would be the current event itself. As a rule of thumb, larger events take more time to promote and you need to start promoting your event way ahead of time, around  3-4 months before the event, you need to have a very rigorous planning on the promotional activities. You need to start a ‘save-the-date’ campaign about 6 months before the event. For smaller events, you can start promoting it 2-3 months in advance. Online events like webinars can be promoted 3-4 weeks before the webinar date.

How to promote an event on social media?

These are some well-defined strategies to use social media for promoting your event along with the timing, so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel:

  • Create a Facebook page promoting the event, and interacting with the followers to build up the excitement. This should be done once you have finalised the time, date and venue for the event – you can also publish the events online through several online portals available for online events listing. Weeks before the event, start posting images and increase the mention of your event.
  • Create a hashtag and use it across all kinds of social media, use all social pages even in your email signature
  • Promote it on your website and on your social media pages by posting short videos 2-3 months ahead of the event
  • Tweet testimonials immediately after the completion of event if there a plan to organize similar event in future.
  • Share behind the scenes images right before the event to create a buzz.
  • Engage your guests before the event with trivia, challenges, blog posts and sneak peaks 3-4 weeks before the event
  • There are few online venue listing portals which link all the events performed at a specific venue and keep communicating the visitors interested in specific venue. If you have chosen such a venue to organize your event, don’t miss out opportunity to list your event in those portals.


Calendar for event promotion through digital channels:

Let us look at some of popular digital channels to promote an event. Social media is a very efficient tool, but what you publish and when you publish is also very important. All marketing communications must go out at the right time. Listed below are the elements of the event promotion timeline that tell you when and how you should market your event:

  1. 2 months before the event: Publish your event across the online event listing platforms and websites 2 months before the event is the time to do it.
  2. 3-4 weeks before the event: When you have one month left for the event you need to submit your promotional content to various event digital marketing channels
  3. 2 weeks before the event: This is the best time to send out promotional emails
  4. 1 week before the event: A week before the event, use social media like twitter and Facebook to aggressively post content very frequently
  5. Days before the event: Schedule emails with a reminder clock

Finally, keep all the channels busy with latest updates of reputed guests list, special offers, special attractions in the event etc., attractive content promotion is the key here. Also, on the day of event, keep your social media channels open and push the live updates on regular basis.

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