2 day game character design workshop

Upto 3 persons( on site or on demand)

Sale Date Ended

INR 6000.00

Per person(online)

Sale Date Ended

INR 2500.00

About The Event

What is this workshop about?

Are you someone very passionate about Gaming? Do you see yourself as a gaming marshal? Do you have some passion for technology and coding? This workshop is a hot stage where you can practically work on building your first gaming character. Design a skeleton and give it textures, etc. Our instructors deliver workshop with a maximum focus on practicals, hand hold you and help you design your first game character. All this said you need not be a pro in coding or neither be a software ninja at all.


What is covered in the workshop module?

1. Creating the game character outline. (2 Hour)

2. Creating the skeleton (2 Hour)

3. Deploying the materials or elements of the character (2 Hour )

4. Texture and finishing off the character (2 Hour)


Instructor Lineup: We have 3 experienced instructors from our industryProject exp of instructor: 5 Projects on Game design


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