2019 handwriting, speed writing, calligraphy, memory concentration summer camp for kids in bangalore

Summer Handwriting & Speed Writing Course for 9 years to 24 years

End Date: 08-04-2019 11:00 AM IST

INR 3990.00

Summer Calligraphy Course for 10 Years to 24 Years

End Date: 08-04-2019 11:00 AM IST

INR 3990.00

Summer Handwriting with Memory & Concentration Improvement Course for above 9 years to 24 years

End Date: 08-04-2019 11:00 AM IST

INR 3990.00

About The Event

Join 2019 Summer Camps & Summer Classes in Calligraphy, English Handwriting Improvement, Speed Writing, Kannada Handwriting Improvement, Memory & Concentration Improvement, Personality Development Classes for School Students, College Students & Competitive Exam Students.


1)2019 Summer English Handwriting Improvement & Speed Writing Course for Students aged between 8 years to 24 years – One Month – Rs.3498/-.


2) 2019 Summer English Handwriting Improvement with Memory, Concentration and Self-Confidence Improvement Course for Students aged between 8 years 24 years - One Month – Rs.3990/-.


3) 2019 Summer English Calligraphy Course for Students aged above 10 years - One Month – Rs.3990/-.


4) 2019 Summer Kannada Handwriting Improvement Course for Students aged above 10 years – One Month – Rs.3990/-.


2019 Summer Handwriting Classes/Training/Coaching for Kids, School Students, College Students, Competitive Exam Students.  Morning & Evening Batches are available. Daily Classes, Weekend Classes, Exclusive Sunday Classes and Fast Track classes can also be choosen.


Course Benefits:


Beautiful Handwriting – Speed Improvement – Joint Handwriting – Memory Power Improvement – Better Concentration Power – Confidence Improvement – Better Marks in Exams – Legibility & Understandability – Confidently write in front of others – Write faster & neatly in Tests & Exams – Write neatly in Pencil or Pen anywhere – Write numbers clearly.

Why to join our Institution?

1) More than 12 years of Experience. 2) Experts in the Field. 3) Thousands of People have improved since 2006. 4) Individualized Attention. 5) Customized Solution. 6) Transparent Assessments. 7) Honest Assurance about Percentage of Improvements. 8) Course Fees are Affordable. 9) We offer Morning Batches & Evening Batches. 10) We offer Daily Batches & Weekend Batches. 11) Fast Track Course is Available. 12) Morning & Evening Batches are available on Sundays as well. 13) Follow-up Sessions are given after the completion of the Courses. 14) Life time consultations.


Mr.Bhashkar R – a Leading Handwriting Analyst & Expert in Vijayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Asia. 


Contact us thru Mobile, SMS, E-mail, Postal / Courier:


Sri Yogeashwari Training Institute (Regd) #3, I Floor, Nandeesh Complex, I Main Road, Vijayanagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore-560040, Karnataka, India, Asia.  Just Dial +91 89047 93133. www.HandwritingAone.com, E-mail: handwritingaone@gmail.com;

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