actor’s lab

Pro Pack 6 days or 3 weekends- with Group Project

End Date: 30-03-2019 09:00 AM IST

INR 8850.00

Pro Plus- 6 days or 3 weekends- With Group & Individual Project

End Date: 30-03-2019 09:00 AM IST

INR 25960.00

About The Event

Miniboxoffice Film Incubator

The Actor’s Lab


  • Film Incubator Actor’s lab is a 6 days / 3 weekend intensive programme designed for emerging & passionate actors who wants to learn the acting craft for films.


The Programme covers-

  • It include extensive acting short films project.
  • Acting is an art and the ways with which an actor does acting is the part of craft.  Such as how to breath, how to move, how to use his voice and how to relax. The practical knowledge of camera technique is often missed in traditional acting classes. This course is an intensive, total immersion workshop focusing on the essential techniques of acting in front of the camera.
  • Students learn the basics of film acting: calibrating performances based upon shot size and angle, eye line, hitting marks, emotional and physical continuity, and strength and imagination in acting choices. Students are assigned scenes from TV and Film to work in this class.
  • Acting methods & exercises, characterization, script reading sessions. 
  • In addition to training, successful actors must develop strong marketing skills in order to build a career. These sessions focus on such topics as:-
  • feeling comfortable at cold readings
  • preparing a resume
  • choosing a head shot photographer
  • developing a career strategy



  • Awaken the imagination, emotion, and intellect of the student actor by making him/her aware of the transforming power.
  • Grow the skills required to achieve excellence in performance
  • Discover the “who, why, where, when and how” of each character to best serve the vision of the character
  • After programme you have your short film show reel in hand.
  • Start your acting career as actor in films or theatre.


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