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End Date: 16-12-2018 10:00 AM IST

INR 65000.00

About The Event

Digital marketing has reformed the world of marketing. About 50% of marketing budget is spent on Digital Marketing.

The opportunities in Digital Marketing are rising and there is a huge demand for Digital marketing professionals.

But high growth career will not be possible without mastery over digital marketing. Registered now for Advanced Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore and be ready to take on the next challenge of your career.

The training program will cover 30 modules and you will also be able to decide which opportunity suits you the best as given mentioned below.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Social Media Marketer

PPC Executive

Content Writer

SEO Analyst

Growth Hacker

Digital Marketing Strategist


Whom is this digital Marketing Training for?

The training program is not restricted for specifics skill seeker, its open for everyone who wants to outshine in their career and love to serves values to their customers.

This course is ideal for anyone looking to understand and implement A-Z of Digital Marketing under a single umbrella program.


You don’t need to know anything before enrolling in this course. All you need is an aspiration to learn digital marketing.

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