an evening of three short stories


End Date: 07-07-2019 08:00 PM IST

INR 150.00

About The Event

Murtipuja adhamadhama-
The play Murtipuja adhamadhama talks about the environmental disturbance created by the idol worshipers.
It suggests the path of dhyaan to find GOD within as the external search is futile.
Written and directed by Lalit Parimoo the play sends a deep message in a very entertaining and playful manner.

Bade Bhai Sahab -
This is a popular short story written by Munshi Premchand which revolves around two brothers and their relationship that is entered around their academic exploits.
Elder brother is engrossed in books and lives cut out from the world but fails in exams year after year. The younger brother, who is five years junior, though spends more time in a fun and play but passes his exams with flying colors. A time comes when the younger one is in the same class as the elder one and now has lost the credibility of scolding or lecturing him.

This play talks about the purpose and meaning of human life. Ordinarily, the human mind is dual in nature and oscillates from one extreme emotion to another. Only those who can or are willing to fight against the negative emotions and emerge victorious in this battle can be called as real human beings.
Through interesting physical movements, Mudras, and power of speech, this play conveys the fundamental idea of ABHINAYA YOG

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