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A buyer is a designer, sourcing specialist, brand, retailer, apparel manufacturer or a wholesaler/importer. (This pass gives you access to the entire exhibition area along with access to the conference area, vendor sessions, workshops & open house discussions.)

End Date: 18-02-2021 10:00 AM IST

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About The Event

A platform curated on the three pillars of opportunity, knowledge and inspiration, ASW 2021 invites sourcing specialists from India and around the world, offering them an opportunity to interact with top global garment manufacturers, hand-picked for their focus on creativity, quality, delivery commitments and compliance to social obligations.
The second edition of the event – to be hosted in Bengaluru in February 2021 – will be in line with the vision to develop Apparel Sourcing Week as a go-to sourcing platform for all retailers and brands looking for premium manufacturers around the world. The show will open its doors to 100 manufacturers from India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and China.
ASW 2021 will encompass the luxury manufacturers from these destinations that are into high value apparel, in addition to mass producers of fashion. Apart from the Indian and international retailers/brands working in Indian market the visitation will be extended to buyers from traditional markets like USA and Europe, as well as the non-traditional markets like China, Japan and Australia where we believe, lies the future.

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