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Clappily is a one stop shop for all your party planning needs. A platform that puts party organisers in touch with a wide selection of vendors, artists and service providers to fulfil their event’s needs. It is a technology enabled app that allows merchants and entertainers to reach a wider mass and boost their business, while making it easier to plan parties for everyone. It brings users the hassle free party planning app, Clappily.


You throw parties for many occasions. To celebrate a special day or event with family, friends or loved ones. But quite often, the planning and organizing of the party takes up most of your mental space, leaving you drained even as the visitors start walking in.


The venue has to be conveniently located, with an elevator for elders or enough valet parking for visitors. Then it has to be decorated in keeping with the mood of the event along with some party props and photo booths if needed. Basic lights and sound systems including a DJ to set and maintain the tempo. Maybe an entertainer like a musician, magician, balloon guy, tattoo artist. Or a priest if it's a religious event. And of course the show stopper - the cake. Photographers and videographers to capture the moments and those candid memories so they live on forever. And finally the food and drinks, including the servers, utensils, cleaning-up and so on.


Now what if all of this can be taken care of by an app -using cutting edge technology? That's exactly what Clappily does. It gives you options of vendors near your locality, so you can organize your party at the click of a few buttons. No reminders, no follow-ups, no cash transactions - everything handled seamlessly, effectively and conveniently. View product and service providers and order only what you want, based on the images, descriptions, prices and ratings. Don't bother about the arrangements. They're all taken care of.


So download the Clappily app, and experience what it means to organize a truly hassle free party, that's as enjoyable for the host as it is memorable for the visitors. Plan parties in a clap, with Clappily. Now available on the Apple and Android app stores for free.


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