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certified scrum master training hyderabad (11 – 12 february)

CSM ONLY (inclusive of service tax @ 15%)

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About The Event

Our Two day Certified Scrum Master training in Hyderabad is aimed at providing a practical knowledge to kick-start a rocking career as a scrum master. The training is based on Scrum guide and would be led by a Certified Scrum Trainer.

Are you looking for a training which helps you understand Scrum as per scrum guide? Our two day Scrum Master class takes you through every aspect of scrum including Scrum guide, Scrum Roles and responsibilities, product backlogs, user feedback, User stories, Scrum team building, Burn down charts etc.

Something which really Differentiate us from others is our online Scrum master program, a comprehensive program based on Scrum guide –

  1. The online program consists of 55 video lectures, Quizzes, Simulation tests and notes, it’s an internationally sold program, we provide it complimentary to our CSM participants.
  2. We will give you 22 SEUs (16 from class and 6 from the Online program)
  3. Complete the online program before your class and have an engaging, fruitful discussion in the class while creating a possibility of 95%+ in their CSM exam.
  4. You have a practical understanding of implementing scrum in your project from the day one.


Hyderabad offers a lots of promising opportunities to scrum masters, scrum product owner and members of scrum team. We help you compete with 20000+ strong crowd of Certified Scrum masters by helping you advance your knowledge and constantly networking with the scrum community in Hyderabad.


  • You will receive 22 SEUs for CSP (16 SEUs from 2 days of class and 6 SEUs from online program)
  • A CSM Certificate with distinction after successfully clearing the exam.
  • Membership of Scrum Alliance for two years.


  • We offer the comprehensive online program on Scrum fundamentals.
  • Keep earning SEUs with our association.
  • We have the most active scrum user group.
  • Enriching scrum experience beyond and after the training.
  • Network with scrum community with our webinars, Scrum User Group, Blogs, networking events.
  • Support in Personal branding and networking for Scrum Masters.
  • Continuous learning to enhance your Scrum Knowledge and Understanding.

iZenBridge Certified Scrum Master Programs is your gateway to a Faster Certified Scrum Professional goal.


For any Query call on 8884670012

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