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About The Event

About the Event

Certified Scrum Product Owner(CSPO) Training is a 2 day classroom training by top CSTs, designed for Product Owners. Completing this training will award you with 14 PDUs and SEUs, CSPO Certificate from Scrum Alliance & 2 years Scrum Alliance membership.

What is Certified Scrum Product Owner ?

This course introduces participants to the craft of product management and teaches tools and techniques to maximize the value of the product.

Who is a Product Owner?

A Product Owner is someone who is responsible for creatively solving users’ problem and strategically maximizing the value for the business. Product Owners come in different forms. They are in the form of an entrepreneur in startups, a product manager in a product company, account manager in a service company, General Manager in hotels, etc.

Who can become a Product Owner?

Product Owner takes care of Product Management on Scrum Team. They belong to the Product Management profession. Product Management involves market research, user research, business model design, and product development.

What do Product Owner's do?

Product Owner is like a Conversation Orchestrator. The Product Owners work with

  • Users to understand their job, pains and turn them into needs and product features.
  • Buyers to understand their economic needs, analyze the competition to position the product in the market
  • Sponsors to define a business model that fulfills their revenue and margin goals
  • Development team to build product fulfills the needs of all three above.

What is the career path for Product Owner?

The product owners will continue to own the product. With the experience of building great products, one can continue to grow into the following job roles:

  • Director of Product
  • Head of product
  • Vice-president of Product
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Entrepreneur

How much salary does a Product Owner get?

Average – 14L
Max – 28L
PO is one of the most demanding jobs in the industry. According to the survey conducted by Product Management Festival the salary range varies from country to country. As you gain more hands-on experience building Products, the Product Owner's salary increases.

What do you get out of this course?

You just don’t buy CSPO but a bundle of valuable resources worth ₹8000+. Our aim is to reward you with more knowledge apart from CSPO certificate, 14 PDUs for retaining your PMI credentials and 14 SEUs for retaining other Scrum Alliance credentials.

Who provides CSPO certificate?


Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) is a certificate program offered by Scrum Alliance for aspiring Product Owners. Scrum Alliance is a non-profit organization based out of Colorado, the USA which provides education, educational resources and as well as support to Agile and Scrum Practitioners.

How well is CSPO certificate is recognized in the market?

With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning and growing consumerism, product management has taken the center stage all over the world. Be it in big Fortune 500 companies or in Startups, the need for good product management is increasing year by year. Certified Scrum Product Owner role is a stepping stone to get started in Product Management.

What is the eligibility to take CSPO Certification?

There is no requirement for years of experience to attend the workshop. However, generally, the industry expects Product Owners to have at least 4 years of experience in the industry to hire as a Product Owner.

The CSPO certification is for anybody and everybody who represent the end users, customers or sponsors and are responsible for maximizing the value of the product. Few of the job roles are:


  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Directors
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • CXOs
  • Scrum Masters who coach Product Owners


What is the validity of CSPO Certificate?

CSPO certification is valid for 2 years from the date of attaining the certificate. Scrum Alliance will send you a reminder once the validity of your certificate is about to expire. You need to renew your certification by paying 100$ and 20 SEUs. SEUs are Scrum Education Units and 1 hour of learning is equal to 1 SEU.

There are different ways and means of gaining SEUs.

  • Watch a community webinar
  • Volunteer in some way to give back to the Agile community
  • Participate in a local user group activity
  • Attend a  Global/Regional Scrum Gathering®
  • Write a blog about Scrum/Agile
  • Read a book about Scrum/Agile



With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, growing consumerism, product management has received as much attention as never seen before. This Course is the starting point to understand the role of Product Managers and how Scrum makes Product Management more effective.

What are the job opportunities for a Product Owner?

With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, growing consumerism, product management has received as much attention as never seen before. Many countries like Chile, Ireland, Canada, Singapore who attract talent all over the world to start startups. Every state government in India has started an incubation centre to promote startups. Also Government initiatives like "Digital India" and "Make In India" require people with strong Product Management skills. These are very good indicators of the growing need for product managers.

A report from McKinsey states that "The role of the product manager is expanding due to the growing importance of data in decision making, an increased customer and design focus, and the evolution of software-development methodologies"

If you search naukri for Product Owner or Product Manager job, you will find 8k plus results.
If you search LinkedIn

  • for Product Owner jobs, you will find around ⦁ 1000 active postings in India and 32K+ postings worldwide
  • for Product Manager, you will find ⦁ 5k+ active postings in India and 188k+ postings worldwide.

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