charismaa miss and mrs india 2019


End Date: 08-06-2019 10:55 AM IST

INR 2000.00

About The Event

CHARISMAA *TM* Entertainment is one of the upcoming organisations conducting Beauty Pageants 
which are popular around the country.  CHARISMAA *TM* Miss India CHARISMAA *TM* Mrs India are couple of 
them  (CHARISMAA *TM* Miss & Mrs india 2019 ). CHARISMAA *TM* is synonymous with perfection and grandeur. They are not merely 
competitions but an effort to bring the beautiful women of India to fore and present 
their talent to the world in an elegant manner. These pageants are an opportunity for 
the women with alluring beauty and sharp brains to get the well-deserved recognition. 
These pageant are commendable effort in bringing together the people of different 
cultures and groups to be a part of this merriment of womanhood. It gives every 
deserving women a chance to become a celebrity like Aishwarya Rai or Priyanka 
Chopra. Eminent personalities from around the country come to judge their talent and 
skills. Apart from this these beautiful women are given special titles to encourage their 
beauty and elegant appearance e.g. Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Beautiful Smile, Miss 
Photogenic Face etc.

 *About the Pageant* 
The Contestants of  CHARISMAA *TM* Miss & Mrs India are provided with special training 
sessions which make them more confident by brushing up their skills and covering up 
flaws if any.CHARISMAA *TM* Miss & Mrs India gives them a platform where they can completely change their lives, 
touch the sky and become a professional. It is a step towards ushering them into the 
Glamour Industry.CHARISMAA *TM* Miss & Mrs India pageants also reinforce the values of teamwork and 
camaraderie in a quality and structured environment. 
All they require to become a part of these pageants is beauty with brains. CHARISMAA *TM* 
Entertainment starves to contradict the world believing that beautiful women do not 
have brains. It is a very bad notion which the world has that models are “Beauty 
without Brains”.  CHARISMAA *TM* Miss & Mrs India contests try to break this myth by choosing venerable women 
with Beauty and Brains.
India is a country where women are normally not exposed to 
such type of pageants. But we, at  CHARISMAA *TM* Entertainment conduct 
the competitions in such a decent and graceful manner that 
women from all cultures can come and participate with dignity. 
CHARISMAA *TM* Miss & Mrs India believes in giving an identity to the Indian women in today's 
competitive world.
 CHARISMAA *TM* Miss & Mrs India contest reaches out to beautiful and talented women from India to be a part of this spectacular event and use this platform as door to enter the glamorous world of fame, 
attracting a lot of fanfare. 
Various companies are integrated through various media 
platforms, solidifying its standing as a leader in technological 
advances, which enables them to meet all viewers' and 
advertisers' needs and also PARMARTH DESTITUTE FOUNDATION MUMBAI  given them chance to become  AMBASSADORS  and face of charity organisation for social awarness programme and involved for women empowerment through various campaign of FOUNDATION..

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