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Cinematography Workshop Want to become a Cinematographer? Come and join our Two days cinematography workshop. Explore the art and craft of cinematography. You have opportunities to develop your skills in cinematography.


Day- 1

Types of Cameras 

Basic and different types of film cameras Arri Alexa, Red Cameras, Panavision, Sony, Panasonic, Black Magic &  High-speed cameras.


Types of Film Formats


Will cover the different formats used by filmmakers and why..?


Types of Lenses


Knowledge about different types of lenses such as zoom lenses, prime lenses, telephoto lenses.


why cine lenses are different from photography lenses.? difference between 2K and 4K lenses.


Types of Camera filter 


such as UV filters, Nd filters, Polarizer, Diffusion, Color filters, and their usage.


Types of Lighting and Fixtures


Know lighting fixtures such as Tungsten lamp heads, Daylight lamp heads, Fluorescent lamp heads, LED Systems, Special lighting equipment, etc.


Pre-Production to Post-Production.


Knowledge about the responsibilities and scope of work of a cinematographer from pre-production to post-production such as location recce, camera, and lenses selection and lighting selection, etc.




Day -2


Shooting two scenes with multiple shots using different lighting arrangments and lenses ( CP-2 or CP-3 or Ultra Prime Lenses) using Sony or Canon cameras( DSLR) 

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