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End Date: 21-01-2019 09:00 AM IST

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CISSP: Certified Information System Security Professional Course Outline


o Introduction to CISSP
o The CISSP Mind Set
p Introduction to CAT
o Domain 1 Security and Risk Management
Topic A: Security Governance Principles
Topic B: Compliance
Topic C: Professional Ethics
Topic D: Security Documentation
Topic E: Risk Management
Topic F: Threat Modeling
Topic G: Acquisition Strategy and Practice
Topic H: Personnel Security Policies
Topic I: Security Awareness and Training


o Domain 1 Security and Risk Management


o Domain 2 Asset Security Asset Security
 Topic A: Asset Classification
Topic B: Privacy Protection
Topic C: Asset Retention
Topic D: Data Security Controls
Topic E: Secure Data Handling
o Domain 3: Security Engineering
 Topic A: Security in the Engineering Lifecycle
Topic B: System Component Security
Topic C: Security Models


o Domain 3: Security Engineering

Topic D: Controls and Countermeasures in Enterprise Security
Topic E: Information System Security Capabilities
Topic F: Design and Architecture Vulnerability Mitigation
Topic G: Vulnerability Mitigation in Embedded, Mobile, and Web-Based Systems
Topic H: Cryptography Concepts
Topic I: Cryptography Techniques
Topic J: Site and Facility Design for Physical Security
Topic K: Physical Security Implementation in Sites and Facilities

o Domain5 Communications and Network Security
 Topic A: Network Protocol Security
Topic B: Network Components Security
Topic C: Communication Channel Security
Topic D: Network Attack Mitigation


o Lesson 5: Identity and Access Management
Topic A: Physical and Logical Access Control
Topic B: Identification, Authentication, and Authorization
Topic C: Identity as a Service
Topic D: Authorization Mechanisms
Topic E: Access Control Attack Mitigation
o Domain 6 Security Assessment and Testing
Topic A: System Security Control Testing
Topic B: Software Security Control Testing
Topic C: Security Process Data Collection
Topic D: Audits


o Domain 7: Security Operations

Topic A: Security Operations Concepts
Topic B: Physical Security
Topic C: Personnel Security
Topic D: Logging and Monitoring
Topic E: Preventative Measures
Topic F: Resource Provisioning and Protection
Topic G: Patch and Vulnerability Management
Topic H: Change Management
Topic I: Incident Response
Topic J: Investigations
Topic K: Disaster Recovery Planning
Topic L: Disaster Recovery Strategies
Topic M: Disaster Recovery Implementation
o Domain 8: Software Development Security

Topic A: Security Principles in the System Lifecycle
Topic B: Security Principles in the Software Development Lifecycle
Topic C: Database Security in Software Development
Topic D: Security Controls in the Development Environment
Topic E: Software Security Effectiveness Assessment

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