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End Date: 22-12-2018 11:30 AM IST

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TRY Complementary THERAPY

When Complementary Treatment?

It is always advised first consult a medical doctor for any of your health issues and take the treatment as per their advice.

Even after taking treatment when things are not improving and becoming worse one should look into Complementary therapies.


When your Lab tests are normal but you still feeling “off”:

When the Medical report are normal (Unless there is a Lab error) and you still suffer from all the problems you are experiencing..

Spiritual illness that causes emotional and physical disease losing the important time in our life finding the reason for the problems and still sufferings without exact remedies.

Off course Medical science has played a vital role to help people, however due to its limitations spiritual illness could not be diagnosed.


Spiritual illness

Complementary Drugless therapies is a exact remedy for all the spiritual illness, example of Spiritual illness (which was not cured even after consulting the medical practitioner and suffering for years) are mental fatigue, Sleeplessness / Insomnia, Feeling forced to love someone, Feels like the whole body is on fire , Feels like someone is injecting pins in the body, Breaking a relationship or destroying a marriage, Fatigue, Fear, Stress, depression, Suicidal tendency, Pains all over the body, touch feelings. shifting of pains, joint pains, , stomach pain, severe head ache, Arthritis, Post surgery pain, muscle cramps, Nerves pinch chills, fever, weaknesses and weird experiences, bad dreams, Nausea, Knee pain, Ankle pain, frequent change in Job, feeling blood taste in mouth, Horror dreams, Floods of Thoughts, (not able to handle thoughts,) crying without reason, no trust for self and others, fear of death, fear of accident, etc.

Complementary Drugless therapies helps healing all the spiritual illness:

Methods of Alternative Therapies are: Past life regression, Spirit release, Psychic surgeries, soul retrieval, Reiki treatment, Chakras balancing, clearance of emotional blockages, Negative Chords disconnections, Aura healing, etc.


Procedure of Complementary treatment:

Photo Analysis: A clairvoyant thoroughly scan the patient energy body’s chakras, past life connections, witchcraft effect, curses, emotional blockages, Negative energies, Fragments and elements and clears all those effected part of the energy body. And gives daily Reiki treatment to the patients.


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