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deuce bag 2-lawn tennis tournament corporate players only

Men Singles

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INR 899.00

Men Doubles

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INR 1599.00

Women Singles

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INR 699.00

About The Event

Here is good news for all corporate Tennis Players to participate in biggest Tennis carnival. Tournament is open to all INDIA Corporate players. For each participants high quality T-Shirts will be provided free of cost.Check out successful corporate sports events conducted by OyePlay https://goo.gl/ftqzJg https://goo.gl/ouH8Bt .

Rules and Regulations

1. Event is only for corporate players.
2. Event will be played on international standard hard court surface. The same KSLTA has the reputation of hosting  ATP Tour World Championships in October 2000.This was the first time that the tournament was being held in South Asia and Karnataka got the chance to host what can be called the biggest tournament ever to be played in the country.
3. Valid ID card of the company or HR letter must be produced on the day of the event.
4. All the matches will be of knock out format.
5. Qualifying rounds for all the categories will be played in best of 9 games format with no-ad scoring till quarterfinals. Semifinals and Finals will be played in best of 11 games format with no-ad scoring. In no-ad scoring, a competitor only has to win game by one point after deuce.
6. Umpire/Refree decision will be final and players are requested to cooperate.
7. No current top 100 state or national ranked players are allowed.
8. Professional coaches, students are not allowed.
9. Players are participating at their own risk. Any injuries or accidents occurring during the event are not responsibility of the organisers.
10. All the registration will be done online and no on the spot registrations.
11. Players should strictly wear Tennis Shoes and come in sports attire.
12. Organizers reserves the right to reject entry without assigning any reason.
13. The Tournament Referee may at his discretion,postpone a match on account of bad weather/court condition etc.In Case of postponement ,the score and previous occupancy of court shall hold good .
14. Incase if there are not sufficient entries for a particular category then it will be merged to nearest category or cancelled.  For example Mens 35 will be merged to mens open.


Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association


Amar Pal Singh

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