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IT’S RAINING DOODLES: A fun Doodle Art workshop By DoodlePanti in Pune.

LEVEL 1, Beginner’s.

Anybody can Doodle. So let’s grab a pen, and paper, and allow our creativity to flow.

We will use various lines and shapes to create wonderful patterns. Images will start to take shape as we move the pen over the paper. Let go of all your inhibitions. Give your mind and hand a free reign. Let the Doodle downpour begin.

Sanyukta Bedi of DoodlePanti started doodling at a very young age. She is a Chemical Engineer from Mumbai, and Post Graduate MBA (Finance) from Pune. She has over 10 years of experience in the Education Industry. Yet, she continued to pursue her true passion in the creative field of DOODLE ART, a popular, new -age form of creative expression.


 What is Doodle?


Doodle Art refers to drawings that can have solid, figurative meanings or may just be made up of hap-hazard and abstract lines, usually drawn without lifting the pen off of the paper, in which case it is mostly named a "scribble".


Benefits of Doodling?


Drawing, even in a primitive way, often triggers insights and discoveries that aren’t possible through words alone.

  •          Doodles can be effective in communicating complex emotions.
  •          Doodling helps you focus and concentrate.
  •          Doodling can urge creativity in you.
  •          Doodling alleviates stress.
  •          Many universities in the USA have found improvements in patients with mental disorders,   who pursue Doodling. 


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