electric vehicle india summit 2019 (2nd annual)


End Date: 26-02-2019 08:00 AM IST

INR 20000.00

About The Event

Continuing on the success of the EV India summit in June 2018 and the India's first event dedicated to Charging stations called EV India Charging conclave in October 2018, we are proud to host the 2nd Annual EV India Summit 2019 from 26 to 27 February 2019 in New Delhi India.

Event features:

  • Gain knowledge on India’s EV Vision 2030 and its strategies
  • Identify potential state wise EV Projects across India
  • Learn from International experts on significant milestones achieved and the ROI components
  • Understand the latest technologies which will be the future for successful EV adoption in India
  • Interact with industry experts for an answer to the most pressing challenges.

Event Themes:

  • Regulations, Policies, Subsidies and Climate Pledge
  • Infrastructure Development: Charging Solutions
  • Battery, Energy and Storage Solutions
  • FDI, PPP and Investment Opportunities
  • Roadmap for EV and Sustainable Technologies Adoption
  • Research and Development of New Technologies in India
  • Skillsets Empowerment
  • Employment Opportunities

Event Format:

  • Interactive Panel Discussions
  • Dedicated One-One Meeting Slots
  • Breakout sessions/Master Classes
  • dedicated to specific aspects of Electric Vehicles
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Case Study Presentations
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Technology/Product Showcase

For details contact samantha@exploreexhibitions.com / +91 7022871384https://www.evsummitindia.com


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