film director’s lab

Pro Pack 6 days or 3 weekends- with Group Project

End Date: 30-03-2019 09:00 AM IST

INR 17700.00

Pro Plus- 6 days or 3 weekends- With Group & Individual Project

End Date: 30-03-2019 09:00 AM IST

INR 29500.00

About The Event

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The Director’s Lab


About The Director’s Lab (#Withoutafilmschool)

Director’s lab is intense filmmaking programs for those creative people who want learn directing film in short time without attending any expensive film school.

- It is a program of 6 days / 3 weekend duration.

- It is for passionate and new film makers. Extensive directing project

- Group Film Project and Individual film project

- Hands-on learning / experiential learning

- Intensive, instructional experience


Syllabus (6 days or three weekends)

- Introduction to Filmmaking process

- Role & responsibility of film director

- Story/ Screenplay/ Dialogue

- Planning a film & production personnel

- Pre – Production, budgeting & scheduling

- Shooting a group project

- Post – Production

- Film Marketing, distribution & revenues

- Shooting independent short film (Optional)


Equipment’s and Facilities provided during course:-

- Digital Cameras

- Editing on Final Cut Pro

- Sound Studios, Dubbing etc

- Other supporting equipment’s for the making of film

- Film distribution support & Film festival exposure & screening


Learning Outcomes:-

  • Become an independent director & start making your own films or join others as assistant director.

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