global summit on waste to energy (gswe-2019),

Domestic Delegate

End Date: 28-02-2019 08:33 AM IST

INR 22000.00

International Delegate

End Date: 28-02-2019 08:33 AM IST

INR 31500.00

About The Event

The Global Summit on Waste to Energy (GSWE-2019) brings together its best ever faculty of international Waste to Energy CEOs, developers, bankers, private equity financiers, technology providers and industrial end users for two days of intensive networking.

With a firm focus on advanced conversion technologies, the summit addresses the need for innovation – not just in technology, but in policy, finance and partnership models – in order to accelerate the growth of the industry worldwide.

This year’s highlights included the role of waste to energy in the transition to a low carbon economy, alternative financing mechanisms, the build-out of projects in international markets and the production of high-value fuels and chemicals from waste, featuring 70 expert speakers and the most exciting technologies and innovations transforming the market .Enjoy access to unparalleled new business leads, with delegates representing waste management, energy generation, finance, investment, engineering, and advisory, central and local government organisations who attend to learn, network and discuss real business opportunities.

The Mission

To create an international community and gathering of leaders & professionals focused on solutions to waste to Energy and Waste management project together!

Vision 2022

To create a global outreach across all regions of the world by collaborating all major industry sectors and prioritise a commitment for Sustainable Development


 Waste to Energy Gasification technology

◆ Waste to energy Technologies

◆ Waste of Hydrogen fuel cell

◆ Biomass-to-Syngas Technologies

◆ MSW to Syngas

◆ Bio-waste to BIO-CNG

◆ Plastics Waste to Energy

◆ Biomass to Fuels

◆ Biomass to Bioplastics

◆ Food Waste to Energy

◆ Landfill Gas to Fuel & Energy

◆ Wastewater to Renewable energy

◆ Wood Waste to Energy


◆ Medical Waste to Energy

◆ Nuclear Waste to Energy

◆ Transforming the Strategy into Reality

◆ Waste, Energy & climate Change Policy

◆ Thermal treatment of Solid waste

◆ Energy recovery from wastewater transforming

◆ Innovative Wastewater Energy Recovery Technologies

◆ Waste-to-Energy Plant process safety challenges

◆ Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Waste to Energy

◆ Environment Engineering

◆ Occupational Health and Safety in Solid Waste Managements

◆ Challenging and Opportunities in Bio based Economy

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