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About The Event

What is HealthMS ?


“A first-of-its-kind event, HealthMS will bring top global leaders, influencers and strategists to congregate, discuss, share and co-create marketing strategies pertaining to the field of healthcare.” 

The definition of marketing is changing everyday. Consumer centricity IS at the center of all key business and marketing decisions, be it an individual brand, an organization or specific solutions in a niche segment. 

With technological solutions evolving at break-neck speed, not evolving and adopting these solutions at an early stage can prove to be expensive in the long run. There are challenges that certain industries face more than others, healthcare being one of them. 

Healthcare presents some of the most interesting challenges that include keen understanding of a wide mix of customer base, staying abreast of government policy shifts, stakeholder management, need to centralize communication when it comes to brand expansion and clearly communicate the value offerings. For anyone who has an independent practice, is a promoter of a mid to large size hospital or a marketing leader from the healthcare community, this is a one stop platform to get the best learning and insights. This event is also for mid to senior marketing professionals who want to gain a perspective on how to thrive in any challenging, yet thriving industry. 

HealthMS is a conference designed to address each of the aspects of building a strong brand which could include you as an individual, a start-up or an established organization. This first-of-its-kind event, HealthMS will bring global leaders, influencers and strategists to discuss, share and co-create marketing strategies, from the perspective of healthcare industry. 

HealthMS will also focus on a mix of topics around creating dynamic marketing strategies, understanding marketing channels like digital which have become central to most marketing strategies, insights from the healthcare universe, and other industries. 

You will get to learn, apply and create actionable strategies that will give you an edge in the market. So if you’re looking to build a strong brand that’ll differentiate you from the rest, this event is for you.


Who Should Attend?

●  Sr. to mid-level doctors looking to differentiate themselves from the rest of the peers; doctors looking to start their own practice 

●  Marketing heads, CMOs and other senior marketing professionals looking to gain insights of the best marketing strategies from the healthcare community

●  Hospital CEOs, COOs, & Promoters

●   Marketing Professionals & Communication Experts from healthcare and/or looking to build a thriving career in healthcare

●   Medical Device Marketers

●   Healthcare PR Professionals

●   Healthcare Digital Marketing Professionals

●   Hospital Administrators

●   Hospital Quality Managers


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