"marvels of the daily life" - a talk on street photography by hema narayanan


End Date: 22-06-2019 10:00 AM IST

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About The Event

‘Life Happens on the Streets' - Streets stir a series of emotions in us photographers – that of surprise, shock, thrill, amusement or confusion. This talk by Hema Narayanan will look at what the streets can offer to a photographer and the accompanying nuances and ethics involved. She will showcase some of her street images shot over her adventures as a Street Photographer. To Hema, Streets is where she finds the rawest and unadulterated moments.  

About Hema Narayanan:
Photojournalist, Writer, Founder - Wider Angles
M.Tech, Graduate in Photography

Hema Narayanan is a known Photojournalist, Writer, and founder of "Wider Angles". She is a published Writer with many News Dailies, Magazines, and Publishing houses. She is a Photography Mentor, who conducts workshops, walks and 'Experience India!" photography journeys. A former IT Professional, she has a Masters in Engineering and is a Graduate from 'New York Institute of Photography'. She has four photography distinctions to her credit and has won many awards. Member of the Youth Photographic Society, she has also taken up the role of 'Star Ratings Director' with the Photographic Society of America.  

Date June - 22nd 2019
Time - 10 AM to 1 PM

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