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mind mingle - the inspiration festival

School Students

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INR 600.00

Adults (Parents, Educators & others)

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INR 800.00

About The Event

Amazing Talks by teenagers, thinkers, creators and abstract minds who are all gathering together for this one day event of a complete mind boost to the talent in you. Come and mingle with some of the most fascinating change makers from India and around the world. Listen to what they have to say on the subject of “Redefining Success”. Discover what makes some people amazingly good at what they do, how greatness is grown and what really separates world-class performers from everybody else. So much to take in and grasp in one day. Uplifting stories, sublime live music, organic food stalls and most of all the mingling with amazing minds at this incredible one day event  will be the best way to get inspiration to do/start doing something incredible in this summer break that may transform rest of your life


•To inspire students to follow their passion, believe in their ideas and make it a reality

•To inspire teachers to nurture students’ talent and help them find their true calling in life

•Exposing participants to the live examples of people who found their life calling at a very young age

•Encouraging parents to celebrate the childhood of their children

•Encouraging parents to think beyond the academic performance of their children

•To expose participants to ideas of success from the most successful youngsters

•To reveal how talent is grown

This conference will have talks by the following extra-ordinary youngsters:

1. Babar Ali- World's youngest headmaster acclaimed by BBC World

2. Ishita Katyal- India's youngest Author & one of the world's youngest TED Speaker

3. Truptraj Pandey- Worlds youngest Tabla player: Guinness book of world record

4. Kishan S Srikanth- World's youngest professional film director

5. Parzaan Dastur- Young Indian Actor

6. Subham Jaglan- Junior World golf champion

7.  Aryan Mishra- Young Astronomer 

8. Himanshu Sarpanch- Rajiv gandhi awarded young sarpanch of India's No 1 Village

9. Tenith Adithyaa- Scientist, Innovator & a teacher at the age of 17

10. Shravan & Sanjay Kumaran- India's youngest CEO's

11. Yuvraj & Yashraj Bhardwaj- Young researcher, Innovator

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