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“MOTTAINAI KYA HAI – from children’s eye” : an exhibition of posters made by children


This exhibition is a loud shout-out to the efforts of numerous students studying in the Government Schools of Delhi and Haryana. Under the aegis of this event, one can witness the creativity of these children, via numerous handmade posters showcased under one roof. These posters are an outcome of a special project called “Mottainai for Swachh Bharat” as a part of which several story telling sessions, based on Japanese Mottainai series of books, were conducted in some select government schools of Delhi and Haryana. These storytelling sessions exposed the children to the Japanese concept of “Mottainai” that encompasses the 4Rs ie; to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect the resources around us. Further on, these kids have made a humble attempt to spread across their understanding of Mottainai to a larger audience, through their creativity expressed in form of these posters.

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