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Navel Activation

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DNA & NAVEL Activation for Prosperity Combo Workshop

Science reveals that the functioning of Belly or Navel plays a great role in Success & Happiness.

What is Navel?
We think Belly Button is Navel. But it’s not so. It resides in the lower abdomen. We say what is your Gut feeling? 

So, what is the Gut and where is it?
All these questions will be answered in workshop which will open up new science to you. All Kriyas related to navel will practically help you in the Navel awakening.

How will this Workshop Benefit me?
- Create a balance in your Navel Chakra to deal with negative emotions more effectively
- Increase sense of self-worth. 
- Learns to anchor himself and can shake off disturbances of the body and mind 
- Allow you to live with the instincts of personal empowerment and positive self-esteem 
- Enable you to reach your true potential.

Why Navel Activation Workshop?
- Reduction in fear and increase in self-worth
- Removes anxiety and depression
- Help channelize negative emotions into positive ones
- Prevention of injury and illness, even life-threatening Illness like Cancer
- Relief of pain (Knee Pain, Headache, Backache and any Body Pain)
- Reversal of aging symptoms; increased health longevity, increased sexual pleasure
- Develops body wisdom and greater sensory awareness
- Expanded capacity for work and creativity; actualization of potential
- Gradual awakening, enlivened consciousness, and embodied spiritual life
- Replace old negative habits with positive patterns – (smoking, craving and nail biting.)
   & Many More 

What you will get from this Workshop?
- Get Free Birth Frequency Track of 5000
- Get Free DNA Activation Workshop worth 7000 

To Create miracles in your life! Enroll now.

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