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End Date: 25-05-2019 04:00 PM IST

INR 500.00

About The Event

The mankind has seen multiple civilisations, languages, cultures, socities flourish and then, seen the same being destroyed. Man rose again. Collected the lost pieces. Made them sensical and built something more beautiful again. Conventionally, it was for the sake of greater good however, when spoken earnestly, mother nature bestowed upon us the innate responsibility of making this world more beautiful from one breath to another.

Man decided, in everything, to choose creation. Creation to make the process of coming closer simplified, to increase understanding between two non obvious societies. Creation to enhance the communication and idea. Creation to liberate dogmas and opinions of judgment and influence. Thus, art was born.

Any art, by genesis, is indifferent to organised interpretation and learning. Art doesnt exist in isolation of defined identities. Art is gullible. Art is naive. It creates mutual effects and not lonely impressions.

'Poetry And Proscenium - बिंब बोलते हैं' is one such honest attempt from the popular poetic group 'Moonweavers - चाँद के जुलाहे' where the effort is purely to create a comprehensive unison between poetry and theatre and thus, make realise that performing art when taught in one way, naturally strengthens another.
'Poetry And Proscenium - बिंब बोलते हैं' is a workshop for the aspirants of poetry or theatre (and preferably both) who still search for a unified platform of learning the science and art of both the forms together.

Spread over two days, the workshop invites anyone who wishes to learn poetry and theatre in a way which suits the desire and not demand. The workshop has been designed in a way where understanding, drive and laughter become the fundamental elements. We attempt to make this workshop involving, interactive and inclusive. A lot of doing is what we put our attention to.

The facilitators of the workshop are Rati and Manil. While Rati is a known poet in the town and covers news nationally being a journalist, Manil has been shuffling times between teaching, directing and writing and partly acting.

The details of the workshop are as follows :
'Poetry And Procenium - बिंब बोलते हैं'
(An inclusive workshop on poetry and theatre)

Date : 25th May 2019 and 26th May 2019
Venue : Sangeet Shyamala
A - 12, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi - 110057

Contribution - Rs 500 per participant

Contact Rati at 8218613927, ratii_8@yahoo.co.in or Manil at

You can also inbox us on fb.

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