public speaking & presentation skills workshop

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Workshop

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Regardless of who you are or what you do, being able to communicate in a public is a necessary skill to have. People need to be able to express themselves effectively in order to succeed in school, in the workplace, and anywhere in life.

There are five elements of public speaking of which one of the most important is presentation. Presentation is as essential as your communication skills during public speaking. Performing public speaking needs planning your presentation techniques appropriately as long as it’s a planned activity.

You often come across a situation where you allow your colleagues, friends or siblings to do conversation for you. Such behavior will safeguard you for not long time but will actually become a communication & presentation barrier. This develops into problems like fear to enter into any communication and independent decision making.

- To overcome the fear of public speaking
- To identify your own style of presenting
- To structure and rehearse presentation
- To capture and maintain attention of the audience
- To recognize and use verbal and non-verbal communication
- To listen to  and respond to questions after presentations

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