reinventing innovation - design thinking way for growth


End Date: 07-08-2019 09:00 AM IST

INR 40000.00

About The Event

IET, KPMG and Innomantra bring design thinking Masterclass that equips participants with the methodology and tools of design thinking and Systematic Innovation to: • Utilise these tools effectively to solve complex problems • Perform hands-on activities that facilitate understanding of the design thinking mindset • Systematic Ideation for Patentable and Profitable Ideas • Understand core concepts of design thinking i.e. empathy, brainstorming, prototyping and storytelling With growing business needs and digital transformation across industries underway, design thinking and systematic innovation is changing the way industries function. By adopting design and systematic innovation thinking principles, businesses can develop low cost working prototypes for various needs and test them in real time, making businesses industry relevant. The collaboration is a result of analysing and understanding the need for academia and technology leaders to be able to address complex problems and transforming their cultures to become more innovative. The goal of this masterclass is to provide a base of evidence to ensure benefits of design thinking and to trigger innovation systematically and amplify your business for exponential growth. Take home from Masterclass • Apply Design Thinking concept as a way of life • Innovate in a team to visualize and design a possible new product, process or service and assess the market, business and technical merits/demerits of the concept • Listen to the customer (Internal and external) — empathize to understand hidden/latent needs • Evaluate financial viability of a new product or service • Systematic Ideation Methodology to maximize powerful ideas to innovate • Measure risks involved in design assessments • Learn effectively with instructor-facilitated methods and tools which include case studies, individual and group assignments, spot quizzes, field visits, warm ups, icebreakers, videos and role plays. • Participants will also be awarded the certification of completion

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