sahaayata anubhava workshop


End Date: 30-03-2019 09:00 AM IST

INR 2500.00

About The Event

The Sahaayata 2 days Anubhava Workshop

For Better Health, Wealth, Relationships, Success and Spiritual Growth

This workshop is not just a lecture, but a journey and an experiential process in consciousness which leads us to a much evolved and joyous living. All of us sail in the boat of life. We want to mhealthy, prosperous, loving, enjoyable, beautiful and happy. All the time we try not to hurt others or not get hurt. We want to maintain good relationships. No person wants problems and sufferings. But none can be free from suffering and problems. But we must know how to overcome problems and suffering. We should first become aware of our problems and analyse the causes, search for solutions and then apply them in our life and be free from them or at least reduce their impact of them in our lives.

- Divine Mystical Experiences - Mystical interaction with your Ishta Devata, your personal God
- Divine Healing of ailments and diseases - Pancha Prana Balancing - for better Health and Vitality
- Learn the art of making wealth and relief from financial problems
- Relief from inner hurts and pain - Art of Forgiving (not forgetting) and seeking forgiveness
- Discovering Love and setting right Relationships
- Freedom from conscious, sub conscious and unconscious fears
- Learning the art of Creative Visualisation and the secrets of praying and fulfil your dreams in life
- Learn a few Profound and Mystical Meditations - profound but easy to practice
- Cleansing of Chakras and Energy Centres
- Enhancing your gratitude, sensitivity, responsibility and helping nature
- Handling the ego, pride, guilt, etc
- Know, understand and learn the art of dealing with the human mind
- Become a Healer
- Learn to be a contributor to the society


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