sales workshop-design your sales strategy

Upto 3 persons( on site or on demand)

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INR 6000.00

Per person(online)

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INR 2500.00

About The Event

About workshop:


If you are a business development professional, looking to enhance your performance in your job. Wanting to impress your employer with your forte as sales? Are you a founder of software or any other innovative product? Looking for your sales team to learn sales and turn them into sales Ninja. If you represent any of these categories, then this workshop will provide you with mock drills and practical sessions on sales process and make you successful in your entrepreneurial or sales journey


Why I should take this workshop?


  • Network with other workshop attendees and build business contacts.
  • Validation report (A report that says you are not just theory mind and can execute concepts well. A report will give overview of your understanding and execution of business or sales skills.
  • 15 days on call phone based training support inclusive
  • Build strategic alliances at the end of workshop (1 months expert support)
  • Build a strategy and plan for your sales team to improve your sales by massive numbers.

What does workshop modules look like?

  • Building buyer persona (0.5 Hrs)
  • Analyzing and short listing channels (0.5 Hrs)
  • Build a pitch (Make a specific pitch for specific segment or audience) (1 Hrs)
  • Mock calls Call response management training (1 Hrs)
  • Dos and donts of sales follow up process (0.5 Hrs)
  • Social Selling (0.5 Hrs)
  • Case studies and Group discussions (Results are rewarded-We only showcase results as case studies) (1 Hrs)

Quick Tip tool : MTNT (Money, Time, Need, Trust)

Once my sales team said to me, Selling is only way of growing, So gear up for our workshop for your sales teams by our Business Head -Stuti Maji (She has 5 Years of Sales Experience in Market research and IOT, Food, etc)

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