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save the queen-corporate carrom tournament

Men Singles

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INR 599.00

Women Singles

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INR 599.00

Men Doubles

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INR 899.00

Mixed Doubles

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INR 899.00

2 - Singles and 1- Doubles

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INR 2050.00

Team Event

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INR 3950.00

About The Event

OyePlay is pleased to invite Carrom players to participate in Save the Queen- 3rd Corporate carrom Tournament. Tournament is exclusively for corporate players.Event will be held in V10 Sports Academy.Coaches and players working in sport management companies are not allowed strictly. To manage event well and to save time for everyone, exact time of each match will be provided.Check out some of the sports events organized by OyePlay here https://goo.gl/M6MXA3

Rules and Regulations

1. In individual categories all the matches will be of knock out format.

2. Players from different companies are not allowed to form a team.

3.Team event will be a league cum knock out format. It consist of 2 Singles, 1 doubles team. Minimum 3 and maximum 4 members required to form a team. All the team members should be from the same company.One player can not play in more than one category during team event. Team can nominate 2- Singles and 1 - Doubles for individual category also in same registration fee.  

4.Everyone participating in the event will get free OyePlay Dri fit T-Shirt.

5. Time limit for making a stroke by a player and for placing the due (s) / penalty (ies) will be 10 seconds only.

6. Each match will be played best of 8 boards. Result of each match will be decided on the basis of a maximum of 25 points

or 45 minutes whichever is earlier from first round till final. In case of equal points at the end of 4 minutes one more board will be played for the decider. By toss it will be decided who has to

break the decider board.

7. In case game could not be completed within 45 minutes, the game will be decided on the basis of queen/cm pocketed by players/

available on the carrom board.

8. Trial board will not be allowed. Players will have to report to the referee 5 minutes before the scheduled time. In case player does

not report for his match to the referee on the stipulated time, walk over will be awarded against the player.

9.Fixture will be created by the organizing team and once published will not be changed on individual request. To save time for everyone exact time for each match will be given and players are requested to reach the venue on time.Late arrival of players leads to automatic walkover for the opponent. 

10. On question of fact, interpretation of laws of carrom, or Regulation, the decision of the referee will be final and binding.

11. Last date of registration is 1 MAY.

12.Players are participating at their own risk. Any injuries or accidents occurring during the event are not responsibility of the organisers.

13.All the registration will be done online and no on the spot registrations.

14.Player found not to be fit in the corporate category because of various reason, can be removed from the tournament at any point of time without giving any reason.

15.The Tournament Referee may at his discretion,postpone a match on account of bad weather/court condition etc.In Case of postponement ,the score and previous occupancy of court shall hold good.

16. Incase if there are not sufficient entries for a particular category then it will be merged to nearest category or cancelled.  For example Women's Singles will be merged to Men's Singles.

17.Lunch will be provided by the organizers to all the participants.

18.Combo offer is valid only for 2 players. Same players should play doubles and singles matches.


V10 Sports Academy


Amar Pal Singh

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