shoutt 2018 - a realm of deception


End Date: 18-12-2018 09:00 AM IST

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End Date: 18-12-2018 09:00 AM IST

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About The Event

SHOUTT - A Realm of Deception is here.  

 Jai Hind College , Mumbai has a proud legacy of cultural talent that it has honed over the years. There are innumerable success stories involving names of outstanding repute & we just keep adding to our tally year after year. SDU, Social & Dramatic Union is the college society that helps students realize their true potential by giving them a platform to show their talent – SHOUTT (SHOw Us The Talent!!); the annual cultural event of Jai Hind College. This year we wish to add another golden feather to our hat as we are ready to take SHOUTT as a whole new intercollegiate level. This is by no means just another event of the committee but a journey that has been embarked upon to take the SDU and Jai Hind College and the Students to even greater heights. The cultural events of SHOUTT are broadly classified into – LA (Literary Arts); FA (Fine Arts); PA (Performing Arts) & Informal events. Each category has about 7-9 events under them. These much awaited set of events has been scheduled for the 18th, 19th, and 20th of December 2018. We are also aiming to do couple of pre-promotional events beginning from first week of November.

SHOUTT, is a platform for students coming from various colleges of mumbai and beyond to display their skills and talent in front of effective judges, in order to battle it out and survive as a respected Winner, winning the respective prizes.


Come Witness :

1. Dino Morea

2. Srishti Srivastava

3. Asees Kaur

4. Harshit Chauhan

5. Shilpa Rao

6. Tushar Shetty

7. Rohan Hingorani

8. Sonali Sehgal

9. Rj Jeeturaj

10. Akash Chaudhary

11. Cyrus Sahukar 

AND MANY MORE ..........

But There is more to SHOUTT Than just the stage events. We have got the audience an entire seperate venue for enjoying a great set of activities and games, to keep them engaged. 

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