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Kiddo Inventor

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Junior Inventor

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Senior Inventor

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About The Event

If you are looking for a ground-breaking STEM Science Summer Camp for your kids, this is it!!

ScienceUtsav have seen a burst of interest in STEM, a curriculum that integrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. ScienceUtsav  STEM camps are a response to this growing interest. These activities are designed to build interest, knowledge, and technical skills that takes children beyond the classroom!

ScienceUtsav offers separate modules for kiddos (going to grade 1st to 3rd), Juniors (going to grade 4th and 5th) and seniors (going to grade 6th to 9th). These camps include various multi-modules and experimental programs to keep the participants excited and encourage them to learn, to explore new things.

The workshops have been simplistically designed to give the children hands-on science experiments through which they can make, learn and enjoy.


Why Attend Our STEM Summer Camp?

STEM offers more work prospects for students, a better quality of education, and a capable and competent skilled workforce for the future. As our world becomes more focused on science and technology, it is important to be prepared to keep up with the demands.

STEM education has the power to impact all of us, whether you’re raising a future Einstein or a more creative-based right-brain child.

How We Add STEM In Our Summer Camps:

Project-based learning

Hands-on, interactive activities

Preparation for the Future

Knowledge Retention

Next step to audio video-based learning

Worksheets with age-specific content


The STEM Summer Camp 2019 program brings together talented high school juniors and seniors for a unique science & engineering experience.

It’s time for kids to celebrate the joys of summer with Science acquaintance!

Multiple batches available

Batches start from

1st April - 12th April

15th April - 26th April

29th April - 10th May

13th May - 24th May

Multiple timings available

Timings start from

9.30 AM to 11.25 AM

11.30 AM to 1.30 PM

2.00 PM to 4.00 PM

4.00 PM to 5.30 PM


Number: +91 9035216555





Kiddo Innovator- Grade 1-3

Fees: INR 7098/-


1. Health and hygiene kit: Live a healthy life! Learn different ways to keep our body healthy and Evaluate

2. Blind slate and other sense aids: Learn about different methods by which people with disabilities communicate

3. Forensic science kit: Know your body. Learn fingerprint techniques

4. LED Smiley: Can you imagine the world without electricity? Know the importance of electricity

5. Sound instruments kit: You scream, we scream, Ice cream! Learn the basic properties of sound and its different sources

6. Trebuchet: It’s a push or a pull! Understand how force helps things move.


Junior Innovator- Grade 4-5

Fees: INR 8398/-


1. 360° Table fan: Understand Energy and its conversion

2. Buzz wire: Understand how electricity flows

3. Gauss gun:  Know about Magnetism and get attracted to the

 world of magnets

4. What’s the matter? Kit: Know what matter is. Understand the

 difference between solid, liquid, and gaseous states of matter

5. Lava lamp, Emulsion and more: Fun with mixtures! Mix it up!

 Know the difference between solution, colloids, and suspension

6. Slime: Learn about why do some materials float whereas some



Senior Innovator-Grade 6-9
Fees: INR 9798/-


1. Table lamp: Energy to light up the world! Learn to build an electric


2. Colour shadows: Have you seen colourful shadows? Get to know

 the concept of shadows

3. Motor boat with reed switch: Fun with magnets. Dive into the

 world of magnets!

4. Tie and die: Understand how fibers are converted to fabrics

5. Blue bottle reaction: Learn about the physical and chemical

 changes and differentiate between them.

6. Preparation of different gases: Explore gases. Learn to make

 gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, Nitrogen etc. using

 different chemicals

**Take home projects/Experiments on all days. (Quiz, Discussions, Crosswords, Word searches, Puzzles, Role plays, Science games are also part of the workshops)


Other Venue: ScienceUtsav-JP Nagar

1316/E, 1st floor, 9th Cross, Marenahalli Road, Opp Tirumala Giri Temple, JP Nagar, 2nd phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka -560078

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