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summer code camp (scratch/python) #2


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INR 4999.00


Sale Date Ended

INR 6999.00

About The Event

                                              Modern day Hogwarts for Programming is finally here in your town!

                                                       Kids, New to Computers/Programming? Not anymore!

Come this summer and experience the interactive world of programming through CodeWizards where you transform your imagination into reality while having oodles of fun. Mentored by trained educators and using platforms created by MIT and Harvard, kids learn to express their creativity and imagination by creating games, animations and having fun through coding.

Biggest take ways:

- Logical thinking

- Problem solving abilities

- Enhance Self Confidence

- Memory Boosters

- Presentation Skills

- Creative computing

- Computational Thinking

- Group Activities

- Make new Friends

- Having fun!


Let your kids experience the fun world of coding this summer at Codewizards

Scratch - For Ages 7 up

JavaScript - For Ages 10 up

Python - For Ages 10 up



Summer Code Camp #2 [May 15th - May 26th | 10 AM - 1 PM]

- Graduation/Certification Date - May 27th, 2017



Summer Code Camp #2 [May 15th - May 26th | 10 AM - 1 PM]

- Graduation/Certification Date - May 27th, 2017

*Venue: Don Bosco School, Shastri Nagar Chowk, Near IBM,Don Bosco Road,Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra 411006


RSVP FOR FREE demo till May 14th 2017 at 11 am and 3 pm

Call +91-9205404418/+91-9990867426



Scratch - Rs. 4,999/-

Python - Rs. 6,999/-

Individual certification for each course provided


HURRY! Limited Seats

Check out our Website at http://codewizards.in/

For Regular Updates and Free Workshops for yourself or your kids, follow us on our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/codewizards.in/

Want to join this revolution of getting kids to code? Join our Monthly Meetup in Delhi and Pune!

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