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About The Event

Take a clear look at your external world. Is it matching your inner world? 

Is there anything in your life that is more difficult than it needs to be?

 Is action needed, even if that action is to inquire about other possibilities?

Tathastu- So Be It, is a retreat in the serene "Yoga Capital Of The World", Rishikesh, the abode of Gods, located at the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttrakhand, Northern India. 

The pleasant & natural surroundings compliment the theme of the retreat - to be the "alchemist" & learn the magical laws of the Universe.

You will learn to manifest whatever you desire. The "Panchkosh" Detox Routine will cleanse your body, mind, emotions, environment, and spirit and tune you into the divine frequency of receiving abundance from the Universe.

Here We work on your holistic wellness and working on your model for success from the inside out so that you write your destiny and do not remain a slave of your unyielding habits and situations.


Corporates, who are willing to move to another level and make barriers into stepping stones. Understanding the art of manifestation deeply. Build great relationships. Renewing resolves and preparing themselves for the transformation.

Students and young leaders who want to attract what they desire, who have a bigger purpose and want to know the key to success and connect with the right people.

Individuals who want to live meaningfully and in the space of contentment rather than in the space of painful yearning. Know the power of the self.

Agenda Of The Retreat- Detox-Adventure -Law Of Attraction

Working with the 5 Niyamas, personal practices that relate to our inner world.


Day 1 - Dharana- Intention

Working with the 5 senses and the physical body!


Opening Session with Lighting The Lamp

Sound Therapy

Setting Intention & Knowing Your Soul Group

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Understanding Panchkosh

Working with 5 senses

Saucha- Purity

Yog Nidra


Day 2 – Prana- Chi-Energy

Working with the energy body! 

Morning Yoga & Nature Walk+ Shirodhara Massage

Practical Vastu To Create A Conducive And Energetic Environment At Work And Home(5 Elements Balancing)

Crystal Pendulum Dousing 

Chakra Activation

Evening Ganges Arati

Rishikesh Shopping Tour

Satsang With Sadhvi Saraswati Ji At Courtyard Of Parmarth Niketan 

Dinner At The Famous Chotiwala (Rishikesh)

Night Session of Breathwork


Day 3 -Tapas-Training The Mind & Self-Discipline

The third of Patanjali's Niyamas is 'Tapas', which often translates traditionally as 'austerity' or 'discipline'. The word Tapas is derived from the root Sanskrit verb 'tap' which means 'to burn', and evokes a sense of 'fiery discipline' or 'passion'.

Morning Yoga & Tree Hugging 

Working With Limiting Beliefs, Habit Patterns With Nlp Techniques 

Power Of Mind

Psychodrama & Overcoming Relationship Challenges

Working With Emotions Through Art Therapy, Gratitude & Ho'oponopono

Phobia Buster Technique

Overcoming Fear (Dance Therapy)

Freedom In Self-Expression (Dance Therapy)

Night Session - The Letting Go (Dance Therapy)

Day 4-Ananda- Bliss!

Morning Dance Therapy-Love Yourself 

Law Of Attraction + 17 Sec Of Pure Bliss

Inner Child Healing

Rewrite Your Destiny

Bonfire Meditation With Drumming Session

Day 4 Is On The White Water Camps - Rafting & Other Adventures Included - Travel Partners *Kiros Travel*


Day 5-The Journey Begins (Swadhyay & Pranidhana- Self-Study & Surrender)

19th March: Sunrise Theta Meditation (Kundalini) By The River

Closing Session by The Trainers


It is time you give yourself to replenish and release the baggage of unyielding habits, unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs and set yourself free to dive into the universal abundance waiting for you.



We brought together a group of people who have devoted their lives to spreading spiritual awareness, health, wellness, and balance. The light-workers have mastered the art of manifestation. Their magical touch will transform you forever. 

Dr Trupti Jayin is the recipient of many accolades for her pioneering work in the field of Past Life Therapy through her acclaimed show Raaz Pichle Janam Ka on NDTV Imagine and has been felicitated by many social and educational organizations in India. Dr. Trupti is a Clinical Psychologist and Occupational Therapist and is a certified Past Life Therapist/Rebirthing Expert who has been working for the last three decades in the field of Mental Health with children, adolescents, and adults.

Yogamaya 9 completed her Ph.D. in healthcare management in Europe and got trained in with prestigious educational institutions, such as Harvard and Oxford but returned to India after spending nearly a decade away during which she had a highly successful career. 

Yogamaya is adept in Kundalini Yoga; is well versed in the Vedas and the Vedanta, and the various schools of thought in Hinduism, namely - duality (Dvaita), qualified non-duality (Vishishtadvaita) and non-duality (Advaita). Her parables comprise of Sufi expressions and she quotes the bible and the Tibetan book of the dead.

Shreeja Jhawar is a certified Trainer from Dale Carnegie Training and is a National Trainer at Junior Chambers International, India. She is certified NLP and Law of Attraction Practitioner and Silva Mind Training Grad.  She uses outbound training, sound & art therapy for mindfulness meditation. She is also Past Life Regression Therapist and Tarot / Numerology consultant. Besides, she is a professional content developer, author, and blogger.

Angira Daschakraborty is an M.Sc (tech) in Bioinformatics, a decade long experience as an Indian classical dancer with numerous accolades. Her real passion lies in her zeal to reach out to people and help them through the healing powers of movement.

Certified dance movement therapy practitioner from Kolkata Sanved ( in collaboration with TATA Institute Of Social Sciences), a certified counselor and a Master Practitioner of NLP.

Acharya Parag Awasthi is a World Class award winning ASTRO VASTU ACHARYA designing solutions for abundance in your life. Mumbai-based Parag has successfully helped 700 families across the globe and has transformed their lives. He is an Engineer and MBA by qualification, Parag has worked for industries, CEOs, Businessmen, Homemakers and Bollywood celebrities and more.

Beyond the talks/sessions we will feature many events that will give you an opportunity to meet & greet the like-minded spiritual souls from across the globe.

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